Lots of women would like to change their look but don't have enough of courage for a permanent change. Plus it is also quite costly to maintain extravagant hair cut and/or color. In these few posts I want to show you how to transform your entire look using quite inexpensive wigs. No need to pay big bucks for a natural human hair. My wigs are select quality synthetic hair that looks and feel just like a real hair at the fraction of the cost. The pictures that I show are not pictures of a model with a perfect face and body; I'm the girl next door.:-) What you see is what you get.

Red & black hair
This sexy beautiful hair talks for itself. Very comfortable, sexy, huge volume of stunning curls – this wig is simply a piece of art. You don’t need to put too much of thoughts into your outfit – this wig is an outfit itself. Make your girlfriends jealous:-)

So, whatever the purpose is:
- you need to be somewhere and not being recognized
- you want to spice up your romantic relationship
- you want to cut your hair, but don't want to commit to a permanent change
The answer is obvious - try my wigs! Buy it now for $45.00 USD @
Shipping within US only within 3 to 5 business days.
Waiting for your comments and feedbacks and if you have any questions - Ask Erena!


  1. Thats one sexy look !!
    Love the hair

  2. Love this series of shots and i think this is my favourite - so much fun - good for you x

  3. This site is beautiful.