Hello my friends!
I took a break from blogging for a while for a reason... I will tell you about an event that took place and all preparation for it in my next posts.
Today my post is about unique favors  - MARTINI GLASS CANDLES and how to make them.
I have to say I was very skeptical about this project because I never made any candles especially in  martini glasses. I picked the martini idea because this is my favorite drink and I adore the shape of martini glasses.
So I searched the Internet, watched some you tube videos and this is how I made them:
First, you will need: a candle wax. For some reason, the wax was gone from all the stores and I had to I order it on line from It was same kind that on a picture below, but very expensive. Basically, 2 favors would cost you about $7 just in candle wax. Then I found a bigger bucket in Michael's store.
Tip: remember, there are lots of different gel wax, read instructions before you buy them.

The glasses I purchased in a Dollar Tree. Again, it was a challenge. We would find 7 glasses in one store and 3 in another. My husband went to probably 10 different Dollar Tree stores until we collected the amount of glasses we needed.
Item #3 - Candle Wick. The only one I could find, had a zinc core inside (as you can see on a picture). To my surprise the instructions on the wax read: not recommended to use with a zinc core wick.!!!!!! And this is after all the money and time spent. I was very upset and decided to make a candle test. It worked!!!!! So this was not a concern any more.

Next, you need to find some fillers for your candles. I picked sand and sea shells as I like everything nautical. We collected clear sand and some shells on a beach, and bought decorative shells from Michael's. 

Since I was in disbelieve to the moment I saw what I created, I didnt take any pictures of a process itself. 
The instructions are simple:
1. cut wax with a knife into cubes and heat them in a metal pat on very low. Lots of people recommend to use a thermometer, so you dont overheat the wax. I didnt. I learn: not to stir your wax, let it melt by itself. Do use a spoon and stir the wax only when the pieces are completely melted. Stir it slow, or you will create lots of bubbles in your candle. 
While your wax is melting, prepare the glass. I put the sand on the bottom of the glass. Because my wick had zinc inside, I was able to make a straight line with a nut on a bottom. Sink the nut into the sand and place your fillers around. Besides sea shells I also used children's marbles from same Dollar Tree store.
When you dont see any pieces in your melted wax, slowly pour it into a glass. Let it cool off and cut the wick to a desired height.
I made about 40 candles in a few hours:-)
As you can see from my pictures, I use all kind of sea shells and positioned them differently in each candle.

Yes, my house looked like a candle factory:-)

For final decorations I used: lavender and purple silk petals, 2 color ribbons and  "thank you" tags. I punched holes in petals and connected all of decorations to the leg of martini glasses.

Final product..... Everyone loved them.
As to the practicality, we burned one of the candles just to see it they work and if they do, for how long?
The candle burned for hours and it still looks the same. So I was very pleased with the result and the look of my project.

Hope you found this post and my tips on how to make martini glass favors useful. I would say after all the costs spent, each candle costs me about $5.00 which I think is a great price for something that unique and beautiful. Tell me what you think and THANK YOU for reading my blog!
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Hello guys!
I've been having quite a dilemma lately. I dont have any tattoos, but really want to get one.
I think I am definitely settled on a place of a tattoo. I think it is very sexy to place it somewhere around your ankle. Especially it looks very sexy with high heels. Though, I am not sure what size, which side......well, one thing I know for sure, this is a spot where your (mine:-) skin would not sag:-), right?
So I did a little search on the Internet and put this small collection of tattoos together to get your thoughts and ideas.
Check it out...

What do you think? 
Which tattoos idea is your favorite?
Do you have any tattoos of your own?
Really need your help to make my final decision.
Hope to hear from you soon.



Hello guys!
Happy Sunday to all!
I cant wait to share with you about my new gold and black sweater from
This is indeed a perfect sweater: soft, comfortable, warm and so fashionable.
The bottom of the sweater looks like it was hand-panted with a golden paint. It looks like a piece of art.

You see my happy face? This is because I am so happy to own this piece of closing.
It is also very versatile: will be great for an office with a little black skirt, or casual look with your favorite jeans.

I am wearing:
(dont forget, they give you 20% off for your first order)
Calvin Klein boots
Olivia & Joy purse and
Kirnaa Zabette leather leggings.

Hope you liked my perfect sweater:-)
Have a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving!
Waiting for your comments.



Where are you going for vacation?
I spent mine in Italy...again:-)
It is really hard to sum it all in a little post with limited pictures. Here are some of my favorite memories...
Picture above - terrace in the hotel in Amalfi coast.
Entrance from hotel

 Our favorite place on Earth - St Peter's square. I love this this post office photograph.

View from our B&B window - entrance to the Vatican museum.
I have an excuse for the bad quality of the picture - it was taken at 3AM:-) Who sleeps in Rome on vacation anyway??

Yes, this guy was staring at me:-))))

Couldn't figure out how they could squeeze this car in that tiny space:-) 

Maiori, Amalfi coast

yes, just 10 Euros:-)))))

                                                        Window of some cool restaurant

My husband of 15!!!!!! years!!!!

 We loved our vacation in beautiful Italy. Hope you liked the pictures. Where are you going for your next vacation?