So I was wondering where the braids phenomenon comes from and why all of us are so obsessed with braided hair.
We all remember big perm hair from 80s, then Jennifer Aniston style in 90s, straight long hair not long time ago and now.........BRAIDS. 
Why braids? I guess, it is feminine, somewhat old-fashioned and absolutely beautiful. 
There are so many braided styles and technics, hair up, hair dawn, braids around your head..... you name it.

While searching for different styles on line, I came across some stunning braids worn by celebrities.

                                           Blake Lively wears braids as a pro. I call her style an "artistic mess"

I actually like this style by Beyonce

                    Leona Lewis. I think this is called "Mermaid Braid". Absolutely gorgeous!

                                                   Drew Barrymore........ Very cute and girly.

Jessica Alba......Clean and Sophisticated. 
Is that a flower tattoo on her neck????

                                        Christina Aguilera.......Maybe a little too much

                                                      Rihanna........Simply marvelous!

                                         Paris Hilton......What can I say? Classy, sexy and very Paris Hilton

Nicole Scherzinger. I wonder how much she paid for this gorgeous braid:-)

                                            And finally........ My braid hair winner -Maria Menounos

Which style is your favorite? Are you obsessed with braided hair?
Waiting for your comments.



Hello darlings!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
It is hard to believe that it is middle of August and summer is almost over.
I am not ready for cold weather, this is why today I am wearing summer outfit:-)
made out high wast pants and blue & silver color combination.

I am wearing:
Blue Spice high waste pants
De Blossom Collections heels
Olivia + Joy blue purse
Natasha necklace

Hope you like my new outfit. What do you think of a high waste pants vs. low rise pants?
Wanting for your comments.



Hello guys!
Happy Saturday to all!
Today I want to tell you how to make unique wedding isle runner. Mine was in a shape of a martini glass.
You would not believe but there is a petal calculator out there on the internet:-)
My original idea was to cover entire runner in petals, so my calculator said (LOL) that I need 15,000 petals!!!!!!
Sounds kind of crazy. I used 7,000 on mine.

                                 I photographed the entire process, so pictures say it all.

Helper #1:-)

                                                                          Helper #2

                                                 I completed the runner by adding initials

You can purchase this unique runner HERE

                              So what do you think? Hope you liked my Martini Glass Isle Runner.
                                                        Waiting for your comments.



Hello darlings!
Here is the reason I was missing from our blogging world - I was preparing for a very happy event.
After getting through some hard times, sicknesses and storms, me and Mike decided to renew our vows after 15 years of marriage!!!
This post is about 2 dresses that I wore and that I made myself:-)

                     This was more contemporary, very feminine, lace dress, that I wore for a cocktail hour,                                                         greeting guests and some pictures taken.

                                                              Love this 1938 Cadillac!

                                          This dress was very friendly in making. Best part was learning how to make a corset. Really amazing experience!

                                                  I added a beaded belt from David's Bridal

Me and my beautiful MOM. The color theme of the event was all shades of purple, pink and lavender.
Buy this dress here

                 I asked my florist to connect a necklace from David's Bridal to the bottom of my bouquet.

For the ceremony I wore this vintage dress that was 30+ years old and picked up in a vintage store.
                         It had a long chapel train and made a nice entrance.

Net head piece was made with a help of my very creative MOM.
It was a great addition to my vintage dress.

Yes, this is the original dress and the skirt when I took it apart:-) The dress was size 0!!!! and this is how much I had to add to each side of a bustier.

 I even created these beautiful "angel like" sleeves. But what was looking good on a mannequin, made me look like a gladiator in reality:-) So, I had to lose the sleeves:-)

Somehow, 4 months later..... I managed to create this very special dress.

You can buy this Dress HERE

Big THANKS to our great photographer John Lennon! Visit his amazing site LENNON PHOTO SITE

Did you like my dresses? Let me know what you think.
Waiting for your comments.
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