Thinking tattoo? It seems to me that people put more thoughts into picking colors for walls in their houses than picking a tattoo. So what is a tattoo? Is it a statement of your personality or just a spontaneous impulse like "let's get married while being drunk in Vegas"? Should tattoo be personal, located in a private area of your body or for somewhere for everyone to see?  Let’s learn from celebrities.

Tattoo lesson number 1: well balanced tattoos. The perfect sample of this is a combination of tattoos on David Beckham's body.
David has several tattoos on his body, each of them has a particular meaning: his son’s name, Brooklyn, on his back, a crucifixion scene, as well as his other son’s name, Romeo, on his upper back, the number seven in Roman characters on his right arm and the name of his wife Victoria in Hindi.
The majority of Beckham’s tattoos have been done by Manchester tattooist Louis Malloy, one of the most prominent in the UK.
Tattoo as an art and a hobby, this is what might be appropriate for David, just look at almost all his body filled with tattoos. He has been collecting tattoos for many years.
David, we just cannot get enough of your tattoos! We want moooorrrreeee!
Tattoo lesson number 2: think twice before getting one.
 This leading lady is best known from the hit science fiction movie, Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Before she made it big in the movies she was growing up on the set of the television series Hope & Faith where she had the recurring role of Hope's teenage daughter Sydney.
Not surprising, but before the acting bug hit Megan Fox won awards for modeling and she still continues to model today.
21-year-old, Megan Fox has 9 tattoos, but it is rumored that she is regretting 2 of them. The first one, a tribal tattoo is located on her left wrist. Here it is .
From what I read on the internet, the tattooist who did her tattoo, was smoking weed while drawing it:-) Meagan, it looks like it.
Her second regretting tattoo is her ex-boyfriend’s name: Beverly Hills 90210 star – Brian Austin Green.
They broke up some time ago. Now she has got this Brian tattoo in her pelvic area, not sure what to do with it.
Tattoo lesson number 3: love comes, love goes, but your tattoo stays.

Another inspiring break up tattoo story is about Johnny Depp. One can see a ribbon tattoo reading "Wino Forever" and the story goes that this tattoo was originally "Winona Forever", and Depp amended it by removing "na" after his estrangement with Winona Ryder. Johnny had this tattoo done at Sunset Strip Tattoo reportedly paying 75 Dollars.
Tattoo lesson number 4: be creative.
Watch out, Chris Brown,  Rihanna’s gun tattoo.
Original idea for Rihanna’s gun tattoo was two guns on either side of the tops of her arms. But the singer decided against having the weapons inked on in such a prominent position because of her contract with make-up brand Cover Girl.
Rihanna who was recently victimized both by her boyfriend, and then by the press, is now sporting permanent guns, an overt symbol of power and violence. Personally…I love this one!

You might be as beautiful as Kate Van D, but let's say in about 20 years from now you may not want to look like this.

I would like to hear your comments about this post. Do you have any tattoos on your body? If yes, did you ever regret getting any of your tattoos? What would you advise someone who is thinking of getting one?


  1. As a psychologist, I must admit I've always thought you need to be a bit stupid to put a tattoo on you :) Which is kinda true, since it does require a lot of irresponsibility to colour your body permanently like some primitive tribesmen.

    I don't like seeing tattoos on women, but they can look amazing sometimes on men, but only the big ones, and the artistic ones which cover the whole arm, or shoulder or something like that.

  2. I don't have tattoos of my own, but was always admiring tattoos that look like pieces of art, mostly on male's bodies. Personally I like small ankle tattoos on women. I my opinion they complement good looking shoes and look sexy:-) I am thinking to do one ..... but still thinking:-)

  3. Hahaha,20 minutes ago, I was literally talking to my 14 year old cousin about tattoos and trying to convince her to wait to get one. It's such a big decision! The pictures you chose are cool examples.. the one thing stopping me is lack of money :/

  4. I personally wish i could get one of those tattoos but i knew i can't bear the pain, that's the only thing that been stopping me. Tattoos are important elements of art :D


  5. @ Devin Law - I heard this great idea about parents whose teenage children want to get tattoos. They let them get a temporary one, an image (no ink) and if let's say in a few weeks they still like it, then allow them to ge a permenent one.

  6. @JLO - I've read that level of pain depends on a location and sensitivity of your body. Let's say, tattoo on your butt cheek would heart less than a tattoo on your back. Just make sure that the place is certified to do tattooss and do a little search before your go there.

  7. i thought megan fox and brian austin green got married?!? when did they break up?
    i have a tattoo on my ribs. i say do it if you think out what it means and you put it somewhere you won't regret it later. mine has no impact on my corporate job because it's in a place where no one can see it!

  8. @ indie- it's Hollywood! Today - married, divorced tomorrow:-) But thanks for keepping me on my toes:-)

  9. lol to the "in 20 years, you will look like this" comment! i have often thought that, which it why i would never get a tattoo on a place that might (or already has)sag!

  10. @ two birds - we just need to make sure that we dont get old:-)))

  11. i'm thinking about getting one but i'm afraid i might get tired of it! :(
    hope to make my mind up :D
    i want a small one where do u think it might be the best part of the body for a tatoo?!
    come visit us !!!

  12. @M.A. Thank you for your comment on my post. Since you are not sure about getting a tattoo, I would recommend to get it on some private spot of your body, possibly covered with your clothes or hair:-)

  13. Beckham makes Tattoo's look so hot!

    xo L.

  14. omg i love rihanna's tatoo i was think of get one but stars but these day everyone seem to be getting them!!

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