Why do we love shoes??
                                                              They express who we are.
                                                 They make us feel better when we are down.
                We might not be a perfect size 2, but we can wear the latest addition designer shoes.
                                                     The make us feel young, tall and sexy. 
            Face it: Women love shoes. The love affair starts young and heats up over the years - as a woman's shoe closet grows exponentially, it doesn't stop there. Shoe-love is only enhanced by the magical powers of a great pair of heels. Whether they're stilettos, chunkier stacked heels, sky-high wedges or something else, high heels give women a few added inches and a boost in mood.
            Women’s willingness to tolerate discomfort, even pain, in the service of fashion is often chalked up to the desire to attract a mate or to rise a step in the social hierarchy. But today’s extreme fashions may have more to do with expressing power and control — control over one’s own body, and the power to use one’s body to draw the gaze of others.
           But how far we women can go trying to express ourselves or to be different.
I was on a mission searching internet to find extreme shoes out there. Let’s see what I found:

I found these shoes, strange form, weird angle. You must be a ballerina to be able to keep balance in these shoes. If these shoes express one’s personality, what would you think it would be?? To me, these shoes are not very flattering and hardly practical, but you tell me, would you wear these?

                               Love these ones. Airy platform filled with rose petals, clear stripes with attached fresh flowers . Dreams and fairy tails…Clearly,  these are not for work in the office.

Fish flip flops?? Look smelly and slippery:-))))))
But definitely – lots of creativity.
Not sure I would wear these flip flops. You?

Doggy boots? Extra-ordinary, but wait a minute, what is there, in the right corner?
Do you need to pick up after them as well?:-)))))

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Titanic? Building? Or just a shoe? Something deep inside makes me very happy knowing this is not a real shoe:-)

Sleepers that look like..........pair of dead rats...............They look cozy and incredibly scary. I guarantee there will be no rats around your house when you own a pair of these :-))))

And finally, the giraffe shoes. I wonder if anybody in a world will find these shoes attractive and actually buy them. Please let me know because I absolutely MUST see a picture of you wearing the giraffe shoes:-)
              On a serious note, what is ugly to me is not necessary ugly to someone else.

But between me and you: did you get a kick out of these extreme shoes? :-) If you want to read more of my  discoveries, follow my blog.

              Waiting for your feedbacks and comments. And if you have any question – Ask Erena!


  1. A bit too extreme for me lol. The flower shoes would be good for strippers lol.

  2. It is funny you said that, my husband would definitely agree with you about a stripper thing:-) I associate flowers with something clean and pure. I think you still can pull it off wearing these shoes on a stage or somewhere in Europe:-)

  3. I love shoes. I am determined to find cute shoes that are comfortable enough to wear while I am teaching all day!

  4. Hey Caiti! What do you think about a pair of cute flats? There is no doubt they are very comfortable and very much in style these days:-)

  5. I'm a man but I have at least 20 pairs of shoes and I still think I don't have anything to wear :) Oh, wise, Erena, do you have an advice for me? :)

    PS those rat slippers are truly horrible :)

  6. LOL! My diagnosis: it is deadly:-) The loving shoes illness is spreading...It does not discriminate... you need a spring shopping spree:-)

  7. you mean I'm going to die if I don't buy me some new shoes? OMG I need me a cure immediately is Prada open today?

  8. Dezmond darling! I know what a heatbreak it is if Prada isn't open. But you must check out Manolo Blahnik. And dont forget Jimmy Choo. And you can always slum it at Mario Bologna:-) Keep me posted:-)

  9. wow, those giraffe shoes are fantastic

  10. Fantastic doesnt do justice to those giraffe shoes:-)

  11. LOVE those flower shoes....amazing!

    As for the rat and dog shoes, pretty icky, if you ask me. I hope they are not real fur :(((

  12. Thank you Tanya. Thank God somebody liked my flower shoes:-))))))