Life is stressful, we all need a way to deal with it.
I find gardening to be a stress relieving therapy for myself. I grew up in a city, so as you can understand gardening and me used to be like a cat driving a car or an alien trying to use dish washer.... But since I became a homeowner, I had to learn how to make my front and back yards of my house look presentable and beautiful. It is not an easy thing to do, it takes a lot of patience, but it is very rewarding…
There are so many flowers to choose from, it can be difficult and frustrating to decide where to begin. Here are some of the tips that helped me and hopefully will help you:
1.  It is best to have a plan in mind before you start digging. Choose flowers you enjoy and that suit your landscape. By choosing the right plants for the right place, you’ll give your flowers the best chance to thrive. Note how much sunlight your planting area receives each day and the level of soil moisture, and then choose flowers that thrive in those conditions.
2. Using perennials vs. annuals will save you money. Perennials will come back every year and annuals only last a season.
The first year your new perennials are underwhelming – the clumps small, the flowers sparse. By the second year, you'll see more flowers and better growth. But in the third season – watch out – your plants look like they're on steroids, and you look like an accomplished gardener.
Professionals usually advise to pick flowers that bloom different time of seasons. Like tulips that only bloom during spring, as were marigolds last all summer long. However, if you are working girl like me, too busy to do any flower searches, then chose flowers that bloom all summer long. There is a list of great long blooming perennials: Campanula, Achillea, Coreopsis and Coydalis, Fringed Bleeding Heart Coneflower, Veronica, Black-eyed Susan, Scabiosa,  Tradescantia.

3. Try to place taller plants and flowers closer to your house (if your flower box is square)
and in a middle if your flower box is around and free standing

4. Your space may not be big, but that doesn't mean your plants have to be itsy-bitsy. Adding one or two outstanding bold perennials can give your garden the punch that's missing - even in a small space.
The shape of your garden plays an important role in the overall look.
Having a few smaller beds that are kidney bean shape, or oval, are more eye appealing than having one long rectangular bed.

They are also easier to maintain.
5. To create visual interest, select plants with different textures. For example, RUSSIAN SAGE has a soft-textured look, while LADY FERNS have a sharp-textured look. Sea grasses (my favorite) will make a beautiful statement in any garden.

6.  Structure is another important element to consider. You can form structure by creating a berm (elevation) if the area is flat. Garden arbors and trellises are another way to add structure and are perfect for growing flowering vines.
7. Container gardens are a perfect home for annuals (plants that have one growth season). Some suggestions for containers include: hanging baskets, whiskey barrels, washtubs, wooden boxes, or old boots :-) or any other object that will allow you to put drainage holes in the bottom. You can also find numerous old treasures at flea markets, which makes container gardening a fun hobby.

                                       I hope you found these tips helpful. Enjoy your new garden!
             Waiting for your comments and feedbacks, and if you have any questions – Ask Erena!


  1. Gardening never works for me but I loved looking at the pictures Old boots as container is so cute!!! :)

    Heel in Mint

  2. I was a gardner or 30 years, now my garden is in my clay due to a bad back. but just looking at photos of plants or seeing nature is a stress reliever for sure. A walk in a park or an arboreteum.

  3. I believe that everybody has "a green thumb", some are greener than others. A little practice and a little patience:-) But once it happens, it will be a very rewarding experience:-)

  4. Love gardening. It is the best therapy for me!

  5. It is the best therapy for me as well!

  6. i feel the same way..grew up in a city make me forget this activity as the best therapy..i thought shopping and hunting are always the sweetest escape...really should try gardening..hahahaha...

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  7. Hola Erena, encantada de conocerte!!! Adoro los jardines y las flores. Bonita idea la de las botas viejas....
    I follow you, too.
    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  8. Thank you ladies for all your comments! It really touches a sweet spot in my heart that people read and respond to the things that i like and write about!

    P.S. @ Marcela - gracias for my spanish lesson:)

  9. Wow you have great tips here!!!!Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thank you Freesia. Glad you liked my post



  12. Thank you for your comments Marie and for the following.

  13. wow the gardens look soo nice!! wish i had one like that!!