Our pets are becoming a more important part of our lives and our families. You might be surprised, but the owners are more in tune with  their pets’ fashion as well:-)
This post is about fashion for our little loved ones.

A funky rocky look is edgy with bold accents that can be expressed with funky hairstyle:-) and accessories. Clothing pieces include black leather jacket, glasses and bold color scarf raped around the jacket.
Your dog will make a lot of cats be jealous:-)
The boho fashion style trend can represent many flavors and can lean toward the beachy, quirky, eclectic or kitschy cool classification. This style radiates freedom with loose tunics, tousled hair :-), headbands and other fun accessories including cocktail rings and necklaces. This look is definitely saying “feeling good about myself”.

                                                           Chicy Urban Hip-Hop
In the street scene it is all about attitude. This look includes denim jacket, diamond hair clip and silky scarf.

                                                   This nautical style is for real salty dogs.
This dog is not afraid of rough seas or bigger size dogs. He is probably not afraid of cats as well :-) A classic combination of gold and dark blue colors.

                              This royal outfit it is very appropriate for a tea setting with the Queen:-).

Very European, amazing combination of purple color and animal print. Fabulous hat. Your doggy will turn heads in this outfit.

                                          Conservative, elite and a very clean-cut appearance
                                          This style expresses a clean, prim and proper look.

        I shall not upset cat lovers. Here is a very tropical catty look. Oh, where is my vacation????

A must have “diva look” fur coat will complete my fashion collection. Smooth hair dogs like this doxie may need that extra fur to feel and look fabulous.

Just remember to pick outfit that suits your pet’s personality and make sure that your pet feels comfortable wearing it.

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  1. As someone who always supports PETA and all other organizations fighting for animal rights, I seriously doubt that any pet would and could enjoy any of the outfits unless their owners drugged them first which would be just another reason to arrest people who would do such things to poor animals.
    Animals are not toys, but our friends!

  2. In a light of love for animals I hope my friend Dezmond will find a sense of humor within himself. I bet pets on pics of this post live better lives than some people I know:-))))))

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  4. This is such a hoot, I think you are right these pets live better than I do I am sure, and lots of times animals enjoy the attention it gets them to be dressed up and have their owners and other oooow and ahh at them. If animals are trained when young to accept dressing they will accept it. And the thin skinned dogs in cold climates would welcome coats and booties to keep warm and handicapped animals can get around with contraptions to help them do so.

  5. these dogs are very stylish lol So cute! I´m your new follower!

  6. Thank you ladies. I published this post with hope to put smile on your faces:-)

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  11. the dogs are really cute, but I don't like their clothes!

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  13. Cant quite see Frank in one of these - but if ever i have a little dog?? thanks for your comment x

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  15. Such a cute post!! Lovely pictures :)

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  16. they are so so coool!!!


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  18. LOL..this a great, fun and cute post!! and yes you're right they're living life way better than some of us!! Cute pics.


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  20. Erena, thanks for visiting my blog and following! Just followed you on bloglovin' This is such a cute post. I wish MY two dogs could sport these looks but I can't seem to find anything to fit 120lb and 60lb dogs.

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