Dear Adele!

           I  L O V E your song! I think your voice is amazing. But who created this video should be fired immediately. Makes absolutely no sense! Your stylist should go back to school and never be hired again. What is wrong with this video? You are sitting alone in the awkward pose throughout the whole song wearing horrible clothes. Your hair looks like you are going to my aunt Maksin's wedding who was married in 1965.
           A beautiful girl like you should be walking on the beach wearing see-through clothes with your hair down and blowing with the wind! A beautiful girl like you should be comfortable with herself and play along with the song she is singing.
           I still will be listening to this song, simply because it is great. But will I ever watch this video? Probably not. What about you? What do you think about this song and the video?


  1. LOL at the first paragraph. i don't like the video at all and her hair looks terrible. thank God for her beautiful voice, or this video would have been a complete disaster!

  2. I love the song so much and this post made me laugh. Anyways even thoughshe was sitting down and her cloths nad hair are messed up she sounded awesome.

  3. Ladies, I am agree with both of you. The song is great, but video is nothing but disappointment. Wouldnt't it be great if they consulted with us before making this stupid video:-))))

  4. oooh, I can't say I agree :)
    Adele is a very unique and special artist, and I think she wants to present herself as a very decent and refined lady with very noble and posh image. This is why she is always dressed so decent and I like the fact that she rarely moves in her videos. She was lying at the pavement in CHASINGPAVEMENTS, sitting in ROLLING INTO DEEP and just standing in SOMEONE LIKE YOU.
    I find her hairdos very refined and her make up too and since she is a bigger sized girl her dresses are quite appropriate too.

    And the video itself is one of the most critically acclaimed ones from last year. It is very artsy in a very profound way and it has lovely visuals. And it also had a very gradual dynamics.

  5. I find it coincidental that I received a notification about your comment driving to work this morning while this song was playing on a radio:-)
    I have a lot of respect for your opinion. There is no question or doubt about decency of Adele as a singer or an artist. There are no doubt that she is an amazing signer - that is why here in US this song stays on top of musical charts for a while now.
    My post is not a critic of Adele or her song, my post is about the video and the way Adele is presented in it. What I am saying is that it doesn't matter if you have a few extra pounds, you should be comfortable with your own body, especially if you are singing "...don't underestimate the things that I will do..." or "'re gonna wish you never had met me...". Just by looking at Adele in this video - am not convinced she actually means it.
    Instead of drawing attention to those extra pounds, she should of picked completely different approach, regardless if your style is retro or contemporary. The style picked for her clothes, hair and the video itself doesn't flatter Adele as a woman, beautiful woman in fact, doesn't do her justice. Hopefully in her next video we will see Adele being more self-confident and just a little more relaxed:-)

  6. I am one of Adele's BIGGEST FANS!!! I LOVE her music so much...I am happy to say that I will be hearing and seeing her LIVE in just a few days! I am not a big video person, but I do like what Adele said in her Rolling Stone Magazine interview: Even if I had a great music is for hearing, not seeing. ♥kathy

  7. Hi Kathy! Thank you for your reply. You are very lucky to see Adele in concert. I am jelous:-) . Responding to what Adele said in Rolling Stone Magazine: if her music is not for being seen, then what is the point of making a video?:-)
    Let me know how the concert went...