If a woman can become the Speaker of the House, why can’t a woman remodel her bathroom herself?

Please follow these instructions only if you don't have a major leak and your tub and tile is in decent condition, and does not need to be replaced by a professional. 

Bathrooms are the most expensive rooms per square foot of space in your house. Updating the bathroom can return you big on the value of the homes’ equity. So what a great idea it is to remodel it by spending $1,500 to $2,000, and a little elbow grease instead of $10,000 or even more. For some of this project you might need the help of a man (boyfriend or husband) available, you know, for furniture moving and heavy lifting if the vanity has to be removed. :-). If none is available, we will get around it.
First, you need to inspect the tiles in your bathroom. Look to see if any tiles are loose or broken. If you notice tiles that are loose/broken, a small container of tile adhesive can be purchased at your nearest home center and applied to the broken tiles.  If the tile is in ok condition, but the grout is black, dirty, and moldy, all you need is to re-grout it. You will not believe how different your bathroom will look after you re-grout your tile.

For this task you need to buy:
-grout remover - this tool is sold in Home Depot or Lowe's stores
-grout to match your existing one.
-grout float
-calk gun and silicone
-sponge and a bucket
Try to scratch as much old grout as possible. Most of old grouts settle down, that leaves you some space to apply new grout. Wash it off with a sponge. Let it dry, remove rest of dust with Windex and a towel.
Use sealer a few days later to protect new grout. (optional)
It is always a good idea to replace an old counter top with granite. 
Replace your old faucet with a new one as well.
Granite is durable and expensive looking. It will add elegance to your bathroom. Granite tops come in  standard sizes with installed under mount sinks and holes for the faucet. Read instructions on your faucet to see how many holes you need before purchasing a vanity top.  I found my new granite top on Home Depot website. Surprisingly, it was cheaper to buy on line than in a store. Look for sale promotions such as "spend more than certain amount and get free shipping". If this is the case, purchase a faucet on line as well to save money.
Most of men are capable of installing a faucet or a toilet bowl. If this is not a case, have a professional install it for you. Shop for the best price, make sure your plumber is licensed and insured.
Now you are down to painting. Go for a color that will spruce up your new bathroom. Use a paint that is for bathrooms, this paint has a mildewside that will resist mould growth. If you are using a paint that is not for bathrooms ask to have a mildewside additive mixed in.
Your bathroom is almost done. Don't forget to accessorize. Here are a few ideas:
- New outlet covers will make your bathroom look like a million dollars
- Matching towel and toilet paper holders will make a world difference
- Adding a hint of green color such as real or artificial plants will give a feel of hominess to your bathroom
- Hanging few pictures on your walls will add character to your bathroom style.

Don’t forget to take risks and explore new ideas! Enjoy your new bathroom!
Waiting for your comments and feedbacks and if you have any questions – Ask Erena!


  1. Meela, thank you for your comment

  2. Erena, tell me please, what is better granite or marble?

  3. Great question. Both granite and marble will add elegance to your bathroom. Granite is more durable and is my favorite:-) light colors granite and marble may stain. Stains are removable with clorox bleach.
    Waiting for more questions:-)

  4. I grew up overseas with marble flooring in every rooms including marble walls in my bathroom. (we did not use carpet or harwood) and from what I know you can't clean marble with any acidic substance. Here I love to clean my floors with white vinegar to avoid the use of chemicals! So I agree with Erena that granite will probably a best bet for maintenance. I do all my housekeeping with baking soda, lemon juice and white vinegar so those are great ingredients for anyone who doesn't want to mess with clorox bleach! They are great antibacterials, powerful cleaning agents and nothing like the natural fresh scent. I love when everything is super clean without smelling like I slaved to clean it.I don't like my home to smell like a public restroom after I clean it so chemicals are out! (smiles)
    Erena good job on this post!
    You joined my cards blog hope you Follow as well my other blog you might find a few things to your taste!

  5. Oh I wanted to add a few tips on the bathroom as I agree with all the above.
    If you love a clean look there is nothing better than clutter free countertops to invest in nice wicker baskets for storing your items in the bathroom cabinets if you have the space or neatly in the bathroom!
    I love to roll my towels for that orderly spa look so I keep my floor towels rolled up.
    Since I grew up in the tropics I love tropical flowers so there's always a fake flower ( I cut the stem) laying around between my towels and by my sink! And I pour all my bubble bath or bath salk in cute bottles or jars rather than having a commercial bottle laying around! I love my bathroom to be spa like to I always keep things super clean including a spotless mirror and use my natural ingredients rather than chemicals! I love neat bathrooms, that's why I love this article so much! Erena is right no need to spend thousands of dollars for a nice bathroom. I believe that alittle creativity and a lot of order and cleanliness will always make a bathroom stunning. Thanks Erena!!! (smiles)

  6. a good job! lovely greetings

  7. Ladies,thank you all for your comments. I like the idea to use natural ingredients for cleaning of your bathroom and a house in general. I was born in Europe where it is very popular:-)

  8. In which country were you born? It's true that Europe is more Green savvy and more conscious of the environment. People are finally catching up here but the progress and awareness is still slow.

  9. Great transformation, in my last house I painted a concrete covered patio floor to look like tile, it was alot of work but the results were spectacular and the satisfaction of doing it myself was worth it. I have a giveaway on my blog right now.

  10. I was born in Ukraine. Ukrainians and Europeans in general tend to stay away from chemicals in their food, medicine and cosmetics. We use a lot of natural remedies and herbal medicine (see my post about natiral secrets of beautiful hair). I agree with you that the progress is still slow here, but I think as cost of living is getting higher, lots of people will discover that not only it is good for you, but also saves you money.

  11. @ Linda - Doing work yourself can save you a buck and aggravation. And there is no bigger satisfaction when you do something with your own hands:-)