It is hard to find a woman who would have been completely happy with her figure. We envy celebrities and melancholy sigh when we look in the mirror at our own reflection. In fact, in order to look good, does not necessarily mean you need to have a perfect figure. The whole secret of looking good is to hide those parts of the body that you do don’t like, and emphasize your great qualities.

It is also important to know your figure type and dress in accordance with it.

Here are a few different body types and recommendations on how to choose your clothes:

Body type: Pear
Figure, which tends to rounding bottom is a type A (pear). The main distinguishing features of this type of figure:
- narrow shoulders;
- small chest;
- relatively thin waist;
- rounded, relatively large hips
Lovely possessors of such a figure: Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce Knowles
. Compared with wide hips and narrow shoulders, small breasts seem even smaller. Need to visually narrow the gap between the upper and lower halves of the body. To do this, choose things that will slim your lower body.
What will flatter your figure:
Skirts and Pants, slightly flared from the knee.
Shoulder padsJ, yes, they are back
Horizontal square or V-cut neckline.
Padded or water bras, which increase the volume of the breast.
Dresses and swimsuits with a pattern on top and plain bottom.
A little trick: this figure can be infinitely decorating accessories in the upper body, using the bulk brooches, flowers, large necklaces, scarves, shawls. You should not wear tight dresses or outfits straight cut
Stay away from:

Skinny Pants,
Tight Short skirts  
High-wasted pants
B ody type: Slim

Perfect figure models. But without the express hips and chest you'll look too much like a boy. Therefore, buy things that will make your figure more feminine.
What you should wear:
Things, emphasizing the waist, such like belts.
Straight trousers.
2-pieces swimsuits

Stay away from:
Straight dresses.
Tight jeans.
Body type: hourglass – very curvy figure
In the era of Marilyn Monroe, a this body shape was ideal femininity. It is not necessary to hide all your curves and bumps.

What should you wear:
Clothes made of thin fabrics. Fitted jackets and coats with a belt.
Sleeves, three-quarters of a length, and sleeves, flared at the bottom.

V-neck or slightly unbuttoned blouse.

Stay away from:
Thick sweaters with a large threads. Blouses with pockets on the chest.
Too tight clothes
Straight jackets

And finally - Full figure
Full figure women can finally dress fashionably.
But many women still mistakenly think that the full figures need loose clothes. Regardless of the size of clothing, there is a rule: the clothes hanging on the shapeless shape, makes you look bigger than you really are. Instead, choose clothing that fits your shape, but hugs freely. And do not forget to emphasize the beautiful parts of your body: If you have a beautiful neck or line of cleavage, unbutton an extra button on his shirt. If you have a beautiful legs, wear a skirt to the knee and hip sandals. And do not forget that self-confidence - the best feature of well-dressed woman.

What you should wear:

Soft fabrics will compliment your figure  
V-neck or slightly unbuttoned blouse. Dresses with slits, 

Straight or slightly flared pants.

Stay away from:

Free, baggy sweaters. Particularly bad sweaters with wide stripes at the waist or hips, they attract attention to these areas.
Pants narrow at the bottom.
Blouses with ruffles, large embroidery or other massive ornaments.
Small handbags.
Too closed black swimsuit . Should choose a swimsuit with a small drawing or a swimsuit, with two separate parts.
Miniature figure
The main task of miniature women - visually increase your height. In this case, in particular, may help the choice of clothes in one color.
What should you wear:
Short dresses and skirts.

High-heeled shoes.
Vertical stripes on your clothes.

Stay away from:

A major figure on the garment.

Horizontal stripes.
Long and free sweaters.
Double-breasted jackets.
Just remember regardless to what body type you have, the most important thing is to love yourself.
These are the tips I use and I hope you will find them useful as well. I will be happy to hear back from you, your thought and feedbacks. Read my future blogs for more advices on how to dress and feel good about yourself.