Hello guys and happy Sunday!
My post today is about very excited trend - underwater weddings and underwater photography.
Lots of couples these days choose to get married and or take some amazing underwater photographs. Sounds like a lot of fun, right?
Well, apparently it involves a lot of work and bravery.
There are different types of underwater photography: above water, underwater and a combination of both.
To conduct the ceremony underwater, you need to wear special equipment. You will be surrounded by all kinds of sea or ocean creatures:). Ceremony will be conducted in a form of reading signs. As long as you don’t have a panic attack, you will have memorable and unique experience.

If you decide to do some underwater photographs, you can dive into “real  waters” or just do it in a swimming pool. Swimming pool feels like more safe place. So I did a little research about taking underwater pictures. 
Obviously, it is a lot of work for a photographer: lots of extra light, special gear. But also, it is a challenge for a couple as well. Besides, obvious special makeup and hair products, you need to learn how to “sink” underwater. I have read a lot of atricles from the models who make their career taking photographs uderwater. In order to take those naturally looking pictures, you need to exhale before sinking under, keep you hands and legs elongated, and also try to move in a form of dancing. Your cloths will feel different too. And don’t forget those eye drops:). 

In the end, it worth it. I wand to applaud those couples that decide to get married and to take pictures underwater and those photographers that make it happen. See it for yourself. Those photographs are true pieces of art. 

So, are you brave enough to get married or take pictures underwater?

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Hello guys,
It has been a while since my last post. So I will pretend it was just yesterday and I will dive right in.
This post about fascinating trend – Rock-and- Roll Brides with tattoos.
I don’t have any tattoos of my own but do admire some of them.

Please tell me which ones you do like or don’t like.
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Glad to be back:-) Have a wonderful day! 



So I was wondering where the braids phenomenon comes from and why all of us are so obsessed with braided hair.
We all remember big perm hair from 80s, then Jennifer Aniston style in 90s, straight long hair not long time ago and now.........BRAIDS. 
Why braids? I guess, it is feminine, somewhat old-fashioned and absolutely beautiful. 
There are so many braided styles and technics, hair up, hair dawn, braids around your head..... you name it.

While searching for different styles on line, I came across some stunning braids worn by celebrities.

                                           Blake Lively wears braids as a pro. I call her style an "artistic mess"

I actually like this style by Beyonce

                    Leona Lewis. I think this is called "Mermaid Braid". Absolutely gorgeous!

                                                   Drew Barrymore........ Very cute and girly.

Jessica Alba......Clean and Sophisticated. 
Is that a flower tattoo on her neck????

                                        Christina Aguilera.......Maybe a little too much

                                                      Rihanna........Simply marvelous!

                                         Paris Hilton......What can I say? Classy, sexy and very Paris Hilton

Nicole Scherzinger. I wonder how much she paid for this gorgeous braid:-)

                                            And finally........ My braid hair winner -Maria Menounos

Which style is your favorite? Are you obsessed with braided hair?
Waiting for your comments.



Hello darlings!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
It is hard to believe that it is middle of August and summer is almost over.
I am not ready for cold weather, this is why today I am wearing summer outfit:-)
made out high wast pants and blue & silver color combination.

I am wearing:
Blue Spice high waste pants
De Blossom Collections heels
Olivia + Joy blue purse
Natasha necklace

Hope you like my new outfit. What do you think of a high waste pants vs. low rise pants?
Wanting for your comments.